About Alliance Sports Training

Mission Statement

The Mission of Alliance Sports Training is to provide youth athletes, of all socio-economic backgrounds, an opportunity to receive the highest level of athletic training available. AST’s mission is to equip each youth athlete with more than just athletic skills, but with life skills also.

Vision Statement

Alliance Sports Training’s vision is to provide an opportunity for youth to compete at the highest level of life, by building their character first, developing their athletic skills, and helping them reach their highest potential despite any adversity they may face.

Alliance In The News

Watch our founder speak about “Pouring into our Youth” on KETV7 News.

Company History

Alliance Sports Training was founded by Brandon Kinnie in 2020. The founder realized there was a need for athletic training and character development in the under deserved areas of Omaha, NE, as well as in many other cities around the country. In response to this need, Brandon created a sports training company that will offer elite athletic training sessions at an affordable price for all athletes.

More importantly, the company was founded in order to provide youth with character development skills to succeed not only in athletic, but also in life.