Sponsor an Athlete

Youth sports has grown exponentially in the last decade, often leaving behind families who cannot afford to keep up with the escalating costs, including the ever-increasing costs of training and clinics. Low-income youth are six times more likely to quit playing sports due to cost compared to youth from high income homes. Unfortunately, the majority of youth primarily located in north and south Omaha, cannot afford the high costs of specialized athletic training, skills camps or athletic clinics.

Alliance Sports Training was founded in response to the growing discrepancy in the youth sports industry, with a vision to allow all youth, despite race, background or socio-economic status, the opportunity to be trained at an elite level. Although AST’s prices are tremendously cheaper than competitors in the Omaha area, there are still youth athletes who cannot afford training. You can help these youth by being a sponsor to an athlete. Please contact us for additional information or for other ways to help.

If you would like to sponsor a particular athlete, please contact us and provide the name of the athlete you would like to sponsor. Otherwise, all contributions will be provided to sponsor other youth athletes.

Thank you & God bless!